Cruel Zinc Melodies

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Cruel Zinc Melodies

Garrett, P.I. Series, Book 12

Someone is sabotaging the development of The World, a massive theater being built by Max Weider, the richest man in TunFaire. For the uninitiated, TunFaire is a fantasy world were trolls, wizards, shapeshifters, humans, and other life forms, and more co-exist.

To solve his problems, Max hires Garrett, a freelance private investigator. Rumor is the theater is being plagued by massive bugs and ghosts. The bugs are obvious and a feat to exterminate. But then there are the ghosts as well as thugs trying to run a protection/extortion racket.

What seemed like a simple problem is complicated by magic and sorcery forcing Garret to call in favors and use all his resources, especially the Dead Man, a spirit of sorts who lives with Garrett, reads minds then feeds the information back to him.

Cruel Zinc Melodies is the twelfth installment in the Garrett P.I. novels. Unfortunately, it was the first Glen Cook novel I'd read and I was pummeled by many characters, apparently from previous books, showing up for cameos. It made for a disjointed story. Along those lines, TunFaire is a fantasy world that takes some getting used to.

All sorts of creatures roam the place. Being plunked into the world this late in the game, I've a feeling much of the world's descriptions were left out.

That aside, Mr. Cook's voice is hilarious. Garrett's wit and sarcasm are delightful. I reread areas just because the wording was so unique. In Garrett's world there are many busty, gorgeous women all pining for him.

Though I wouldn't recommend starting this series at book twelve, this author can weave a fantastic tale. Now I have to go back and start at the beginning.

Book Blurb for Cruel Zinc Melodies

"Garrett's newest visitors are a pack of lovelies led by his main squeeze Tinnie Tate and her friend, Alyx Weider, the spoiled daughter of the largest brewer in town. Her father needs Garrett'shelp-his workers are being attacked by everything from giant insects to ghosts. Garrett takes the case. After all, working for the Weiders means free beer. But it also means serious danger."

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50