Come Green Grass

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Come Green Grass

Western, Historical

After the death of her parents, Leah Clayborn, travels from Ohio to Horse Flats, Nebraska, to live with her Uncle Simon Clayborn on the Diamond Ranch.

The only female on the premises and not allowed to do household chores, Leah grows bored. She has a restless spirit and rides the ranch's horses against her Uncle's strict rules.

While out Leah saves young Nettie Kruper from a man and brings her to the ranch. While earning the respect of her Uncle, rescuing Nettie gains her two enemies; Otis Kruper, Nettie's father, and Pike Jenkins, the cantankerous man Otis had "given" Nettie to.

Nettie becomes Leah's constant companion.

But Otis and Pike aren't the only people Leah has incensed, and after an attempt on her life Leah begins carrying a gun.

With cattle rustlers active and a drought looming, life on the Diamond is hard. But Leah enjoys the work and while she misses her parents, she doesn't miss Ohio. Then she falls for Ty Worth, a neighbor who loses everything in a fire.

Pride keeps Ty from showing Leah his affection and when the beautiful Shanna Sheritan sets her sights on him, Leah believes Ty will not be able to resist.

Running over 150,000 words, Come Green Grass is a sweeping historical novel that depicts well life on a ranch in Nebraska in 1894. Amid gun fights, picnics, quilting, dancing, daily choirs, love and loss this novel does an excellent job of showing the trials and tribulations of a bygone era.

However, like the wide-open spaces in which the story is set, it rambles with many plot lines. Then after strolling along, it concludes abruptly leaving pieces hanging. Still, in a time of quick reads and non-stop action, Come Green Grass felt like a reprieve of sorts, a place to kick back and enjoy the scenery.

Book Blurb for Come Green Grass

LEAH CLAYBORN is seventeen, recently orphaned after having been raised in a small college town in Ohio. She is coming to live with an uncle, the mysterious black sheep of the family. The story opens upon her arrival in Horse Flats, the isolated cowtown some ten miles from her uncle’s cattle ranch. She is met by TY WORTH, a thirty year old ranching neighbor of her uncle who has been asked “to gather up and drop off” the little niece.
This tall, lean cowman shows none of the symptoms Leah’s honey blond hair and wide-set brown eyes customarily create upon unsuspecting young men.

SIMON CLAYBORN, the uncle, proves to be a crusty, middle-aged man apprehensive at including a young female in his rough, simple life style. Determined, Leah settles in. She cleans house and reinstates such items long banished to the store rooms as carpets and bed sheets, turning the barren ranch house into a home.

Leah becomes acquainted with the ranch crew. There is FROG, the cook, a homely, friendly fellow she can depend on. HENRY is a cantankerous old man who has been at the ranch for eons. JAKE, is his uncivil son. PEACHES is a black cowboy whose parents homestead in a nearby black community. MOON and BUCK is a pair of amiable buddies who hail from Texas.

Leah meets the other members of the far-flung community. She makes friends but also makes the frightening discovery that she has an unknown enemy or enemies making attempts on her life.

Inadvertently, Leah creates more problems when she rescues NETTIE KRUPER, a crippled girl whose two sisters have been forced by their father into prostitution. Nettie comes to work at the ranch and becomes a loyal friend.

In the months that follow, prairie fire, accidents, injuries and gunfights lead these characters through a perilous journey of adventure and chaotic emotions. Leah proves to be a survivor who finds love and womanhood at the end of the story. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00