Closing the Deal

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Closing the Deal

When Dian Wright, a beautiful, sexy lawyer refuses to sleep with her client Mr. Withers, one of New York's most powerful men, it jeopardizes her job and career. So Dian cooks up a scheme to keep her job at her firm, while reaping revenge on Mr. Withers. Though it all hinges on convincing the reclusive owner of the land Mr. Withers wants to buy, to sell.

And then she's fired. Setting her sights on revenge she follows through with the plan by showing up at the man's home. That's when learns the owner has died and left the land to his handsome twin nephews, Jake and Justin.

The sexual tension between Dian and the men boils and soon she's caught in a love triangle. But can she do what's right for the men while satisfying her own needs?

Running around 12,000 words, Closing the Deal is a quick, sexy read with a fast moving plot.

Book Blurb for Closing the Deal

Revenge is a powerful motivator. After the millionaire playboy Bruce Withers told his lawyer Dian Wright that he expected her to sleep with him or lose her job she vowed revenge no matter what the cost. She flew to Nashville to close the real estate deal he wanted in an attempt to get her job back or teach him a lesson in manners, only to meet the sexy twin heirs. She was drawn to them both with an unexplainable primal attraction that caused a little chaos, the opportunity for adventure, and the chance for revenge. Elements: MFM menage

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.75