Christmas Rescue

After her father dies, Christine is faced with losing her home to her gold-digging stepmother and stepbrother. Upset and facing the holidays alone, Christine is shocked when the sees a light streak across the sky that stops dead on her property. Shocked by the sight and worried that someone may be hurt, Christine hurries to the crash site only to find an unusual aircraft. When a hatch opens and nothing emerges, Christine ventures inside. In the craft is an unconscious single man. After managing to get him back to her house, she discovers he has golden hair and is donning an odd uniform. Christine decides he's an alien. Her suspicions are confirmed when Trinous comes to.

Soon military personnel arrives to locate the craft that had shown up on their radar. Christine hides Trinous's presence. Trinous is impressed with Christine's bravery and strength and finds himself drawn to her. While Christine isn't one to make love easily, she cannot resist his charms and the two tumble headlong into a romance.

While she enjoys Trinous, Christine knows their days are numbered because he will repair his ship and return to his planet. Trinous for his part comes to learn of Christine's predicament and wants to help.

While it was an interesting idea, I felt Christmas Rescue was too fanciful and the characters too perfect. Also, coincidence was used to solve plot issues. 

Book Blurb for Christmas Rescue

Alone in her family's 100 year old ranch house, Christina anticipates a Blue Christmas but not the crash of an alien craft in her pasture. Concerned for the occupant, she bravely risks her life to rescue the pilot, taking the unconscious alien back to her home. When the alien, Trintous, awakes their mutual attraction is overwhelming. In the week that follows Trintous repairs his ship, when he isn't in bed with his Earth love, and Christina prepares to sell her "pet" breeder stock.

Each protects the other against imminent threats. He protects her from her inheritance-grubbing stepfamily and she protects him from government agents searching for a crashed alien.

Trintous intends to take Christina when he returns home to the stars, much to her disbelief, and he also plans a unique surprise for her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00