Brothers of the Blood

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Brothers of the Blood

Book II of White Oaks Trilogy

Set in 1860’s and 1870’s in the midwest, Brothers By Blood is a coming-of-age story about, Blue Fox with Two Hearts, a Lakota half-breed caught between two worlds. When his Lakota mother dies leaving him on the White Oaks ranch in the care of a loving white family, Blue Fox struggles to be accepted in the town of white people.
After being beaten up by bullies, he befriends George, another town outcast, and over time the pair grow close. But George's father has dreamed of sending his only child onto a better life and when George graduates school, he is sent to Westpoint.
Blue Fox misses his friend but settles into his life on the ranch until he humiliates a white man who refuses to pay his bill at the livery where Blue Fox works. The man seeks revenge on Blue Fox by attacking the family that raised him.
Seeing that leaving may be the only way to protect the people and place he’s grown to love, Blue Fox sets out to find his mother’s tribe. When he finds his mother's relatives, he imagines an idyllic life. However, he soon learns that hatred and greed are not traits reserved for white men. Disillusioned, but needing to fit in somewhere, Blue goes through the painful process of proving himself to the Lakota and is eventually accepted as a member.
His bliss is short-lived when the US Government decides they want the land where the Lakota live to mine gold. Now a Lakota warrior, Blue Fox must decide what is worth killing for and what is worth dying for.
I felt Brothers By Blood was a very well done book. Blue's character had depth and felt real. The conflicts portrayed, both internal and external, were compelling. I felt the author did an excellent job of showing all types of personalities with regard to the whites and Lakota.
I also enjoyed the historical setting and learning about the rituals of the Lakota.      
Being the second book in the trilogy, I will go back and read the first and am hoping to review the next. Thank you D.L. Rogers for such a great story.

Book Blurb for Brothers of the Blood

Alone in the world of the white man, half-Sioux and half-white, thirteen-year-old Blue Fox with Two Hearts must learn to face the reality of discrimination and hatred. Left by his mother upon her death in the care of Ben and Sarah Walters, Blue Fox must accept he is alone among people he doesn’t know or trust.

The years spent with Ben and Sarah are tumultuous, full of harsh words and bitter disappointments. But when Blue meets George Hawkins, a bond of friendship beyond race is formed. After years of being nearly inseparable, George goes away to West Point to become the soldier of his dreams and Blue’s world falls apart.

When White Oaks, the ranch Blue has come to call home, is attacked several times by a ruthless, racist man, Blue is forced to decide his place in life. Realizing his surrogate parents, whom he has grown to love, could be hurt or killed because of the attacks aimed at him, he sets out to find his heritage among the Sioux.

Locating the tribe who’d been with his mother, uncle and Sarah, he quickly learns acceptance among the Sioux will not come easily. The young warrior Wild Wolf holds an unknown, bitter hatred of Blue, making his life difficult. But Blue’s road is set and he travels far among The People, counting coup, learning their ways, and finally, participating in the Sun Dance to pass into manhood...and love....

This book is Book 2 of a trilogy: Tomorrow's Promise, Brothers by Blood, Ghost Dancers

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.75