Body, Heart and Soul

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Body, Heart and Soul

When Kira, a college Senior who is a virgin, lands a cushy summer job with "perks" as a Personal Assistant to Barbara Folsom-Worthington, a woman who lives on a private island, it seems too good to be true. While attending her first party, she meets Devlin "Dev" Kiersen. He's gorgeous and powerful and draws Kira in. During their first meeting Dev brings her to orgasm with his touch, a thing no man has ever done.

Her joy is short-lived however, when Kira learns that Dev is Barbara's fianc‚. To her dismay, Dev continues to pursue her and even more strange is the fact that Barbara also seems attracted to her. What Kira doesn't know is that Barbara and Dev plan to use her as their sex toy for the summer.

Dev assumes Kira knows her true purpose for being on the island and is confused by her reluctance to have sex with him. He decides Kira is playing games and when Kira doesn't stop acting naive, Dev grows angry. Having a father who'd preyed on young, inexperienced women, Dev harbors the fear he may be the same way. The fact innocent-seeming Kira attracts him more than any woman ever has, confirms his fears. As a result, Dev fights his attraction.

The delay caused by Dev's angst, wears on Barbara, who is beyond ready to have sex with Kira. After Barbara pushes Dev to get on with it, he spends more time with Kira. When Kira she sees through his selfish demeanor to the suffering man beneath, it shakes Dev up. Afterward, he has a hard time using her, even though he still wonders if she is acting.

When Dev challenges Kira to give up the game and stop acting so innocent, she can't. Dev gets angry and walks out on her. Fed up with Dev's inaction, Barbara steps in to 'educate' Kira. Wanting to have her way with her, Barbara sends Dev on an international errand that keeps him away.

In love with Dev and believing he can't stand the idea of her being a virgin, Kira decides to sully herself. At the last moment she changes her mind.

When Dev returns, he catches Barbara and a male companion with Kira. After a fistfight, Dev and Kira get together and he learns she truly is as innocent as she seems. But Dev doesn't believe he is worthy of her while Kira also struggles with her self-esteem. When the summer is over and it is time for Kira to return to college, the couple are forced to face their problems.

Samantha Lucas spins an engaging tale with an interesting backdrop and characters. While Body, Heart and Soul was engaging I also felt the plot had holes. It felt unrealistic that at 24, Kira would have never had a job and would be between her junior and senior year in college. Also, how did Barbara know Kira was a virgin? Furthermore, I felt at times Kira's and Dev's behavior were out of character.

Book Blurb for Body, Heart and Soul

Devlin Kiersen lives his life in fear of being exactly like his father -- at the same time doing everything he can to prove it's true. In his spectacular bid for self-destruction, he never contemplates meeting a woman who would make him long to spend eternity in the comfort of her arms.

Kira Nestor trusts there's more to Dev than the sexy, intense man who awakens her sexuality, introducing her to a whole new world of seduction and desire, but she's out of her depth when it comes to reaching behind his walls and convincing him his heart is safe with her.

When they come together, everything will change. But will Kira be able to convince Dev that his heart still exists and that true love has the power to change everything, or will he continue to live in the barren hell he believes his due and already knows so well?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50