Bawdy Bedtime Stories

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Bawdy Bedtime Stories

collection of 38 very short stories

Bawdy Bedroom Stories is the collection of 38 very short stories that run an average of 6 pages.

Ms. Lloyd's style is erotic, yet not overly explicit and many of her stories feature married couples. Most are one male to one female and feature oral and vaginal sex though she treads lightly on swinging, rape, lesbian, bondage and anal sex.

Ms. Lloyd has a funny way of telling you she is fantasizing at the beginning of many of her stories. It has the effect of disarming those who may be uncomfortable with the content.

She also has featured a range of scenarios while managing to make most of the stories feel real.

Book Blurb for Bawdy Bedtime Stories

Twenty-four new erotic tales to keep readers up all night, from the author of Naughty Bedtime Stories. With Naughty Bedtime Stories, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd offered sexy tales to keep fans reading-and doing other things-long into the night. Now she presents 24 all-new sizzling stories to make bedtime a lot more interesting. Explore something daring... A conservative suburban housewife is stripped of more than her inhibitions on a hot summer night, outdoors, for all the neighbors to see. Something sensual... A wanting woman, a warm shower, a bar of soap- and some alone time that's going to change the way she feels about herself. Something wild... A kinky husband has only one question when his teasing wife decides to charge him for it. How much to go as far as I want? Something out of this world... She's a beauty-built and programmed for pleasure as the perfect sex doll. So lifelike. So insatiable. But a word of warning: she's not to be toyed with. About the Author Joan Elizabeth Lloyd is the author of almost twenty works of erotica and the art of sexual communication.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50