Ancestral Reunions

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Ancestral Reunions

Miranda Aldridge, a violinist and college student, is flabbergasted to learn she’s inherited a vast fortune, including a castle and a private jet from her Uncle. The odd thing is, she didn’t know the man existed. When she realizes she’s witnessed his death in one of her bizarre death dreams, things take a turn for the worse.

Feeling ‘drawn’ to Germany. Miranda takes her best friend and goes to her castle where her Uncle had died.

When she finds she understands, can read and speak German it’s a little spooky. Things get stranger, a lot stranger because Miranda discovers she is the descendent of a warrior who’d saved the world from an evil force. The force has been regrouping ever since. She slips in and out of her dream world creating two realities.

It’s all for a purpose, the force is ready to strike again. She along with her boyfriend channel their forefathers, take up their weapons and go into battle.

An intricate plot, Ancestral Reunions keeps the reader on her toes.

Book Blurb for Ancestral Reunions

Genre: Paranormal Horror Romance, Reincarnation 
Pages: 251
The prodigal daughter wonders what the hell's going on. 
Miranda Aldridge thought violin juries were bad. When a mysterious phone call wakes her up from a bizarre dream, she finds her world turned sideways. A vast fortune falls in her lap from an inheritance and the history of a family she never realized she had comes to light.
But everything has a price and though it would seem on the surface Miranda could afford anything, the world has a way of upping the ante. Now, stuck in a strange place with memories that aren't her own and friends that don't believe what's happening to her, she must solve an ancient mystery. The answer could spell the destruction of the world...or its redemption. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00