American Dreams

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American Dreams

Rating: Erotica - Controversial - Contemporary

Highly successful sex therapist, Matthew Frank has a beautiful wife, Faye, a gorgeous assistant who is also his lover, Juanita (his wife knows and doesn't mind), two great daughters and a home over-looking the ocean. When his ex-lover Mona, now a famous actress, asks for his help with her sexual issues, he worries about his attraction to her. But Faye and Juanita push him to treat her anyway, arguing it could catapult his career to a new level.

Life is good until one of Matthew's female clients comes on to him during a session. After rebuffing her, he is slapped with criminal charges claiming he raped her. The lawsuit threatens his perfect life and may even land him in jail. After Matthew tells Faye, she seems to distance herself from him. Then Juanita, normally meticulous, fumbles over details she gives the police and incriminates him. Furthermore a strong friendship between his wife and Mona has formed. Matthew, reeling and unsure who to trust, must wait until the trial to learn if he has been betrayed and whether his career is ruined.

I enjoyed the author's intimate writing style. The book was written in the first person from Matthew's perspective. It also was sexy with a LOT of well-written, plot-appropriate erotic scenes.

However, the set up lasted nearly half the book, during which Matthew's relationships with the three women in his life were explained. Once the major conflict was introduced along with the possibility of betrayal, I became engrossed and couldn't put the book down.

Book Blurb for American Dreams

Matthew Frank's business is sex. Well, other people's sex lives, to be exact. As a highly successful therapist, people tell him their deepest, dark secrets and he listens and gives expert advice. No slouch on the subject, he might just write a book or two...

Unfortunately, juggling a wife, family, mistress, and ex-lover, can be difficult for anyone, and when he is falsely accused of a crime, his world comes crashing down. Though the charges are unfair, his personal life is suddenly under scrutiny and he finds that friends and enemies are not so easy to identify when you are facing the death of an American dream...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00