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Spellbound Trilogy, #3

Coming from a long line of paranormals, Cinnamon Prescott stands to lose her healing powers if she doesn't marry her soul mate. She'd be glad to marry, if he'd appear somewhere other than in her dreams.

Not happy with the fact Cinnamon is having troubles with love Serena, her fairy God Mother, is doing everything in her power to move things along.

Enter, Jack Cutter, an FBI Agent working a counterfeiting case involving the Las Vegas casinos where Cinnamon works. Though not her intended, Cinnamon finds herself falling for the handsome hunk. Together the pair weather criminals and Cinnamon's meddling family including an Aunt who casts spells willy-nilly with disastrous results.

Alacasm is a fun romp. I. R. Plummer has a good imagination and sense of humor. Her descriptions alone put a smile on my face. However, there is a LOT going on and I felt the plot got sidelined in favor of witty interactions. Plus there were just too many story threads making it confusing at times.

Re-Issued Review: Originally Reviewed 20/26/2008.

Book Blurb for Alacazam

Cinnamon Prescott has a fairy godmother with an attitude and a shoe fetish. And if that isn't enough to test her Cinn's patience her absentminded meddling aunt has a cast a spell to hasten the arrival of her prince charming.

Within days of closing a major cast the last thing FBI agent Jack Cutter needs is a distraction. But a chance encounter puts Cinnamon's life in danger and right in the middle of his undercover operation. Add a vengeance-seeking ghost, Cinnamon's supernatural powers and a 300-year-old spell to the mix and Jack quickly loses control of his case and his heart.

Forced to evaluate everything they thought they knew about themselves and what they saw as their future, Jack and Cinnamon discover that trust is the key to their future happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00