A Different Path

Part of the Tarot Caf‚ Series

It was a dream come true when P.J. Kendall’s band shot to stardom. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. All great fun until the shallow existence becomes unfulfilling. P.J. is tired of life in the fast lane and wants to pull off, but his band mates and his fans are relying on him.

After a boating accident, P.J. is believed dead. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, P.J. assumes a new identity then heads out to find a woman who’d mesmerized him in a restaurant.

Teanna Caldwell had been similarly affected upon seeing him. Nothing comes of the chance meeting and life went on as usual in the sleepy Texas town where she lives. When a different man appears in her family’s pharmacy, Teanna is again shocked by her strong attraction.

They begin a relationship. For P.J. it’s exactly what he’s been wanting, low-key and growing deeper by the day. Teanna doesn’t recognize him nor listen to his music. But her friends and family do and they begin to question his identity.

Plus P.J.’s brother is not so keen to have his brother hiding out while the rest of the world thinks he’s dead.

What’s Teanna to do when she learns P.J.’s been lying to her and what will P.J. do when confronted with his old life?

In A Different Path the author successfully portrays P.J.’s dismay with what his life has become. We can understand why he feels desperate to leave the limelight to become a delivery boy in a small town.

P.J. (James) and Teanna’s dual-sided infatuation seemed a little odd, but overall A Different Path was an enjoyable story with an interesting concept.

Book Blurb for A Different Path

Rock superstar P.J. Kendall has it all—fame, money, women. Instead of being happy, he wonders how he can disappear and leave all his obligations—and the drinking, drugs and too many women—behind. A freak accident turns out to be the chance P.J. needs to follow a different path. He alters his appearance and now using the name James Parker, he heads for Texas.
It’s lust at first sight when Teanna Caldwell sees the handsome yet oddly familiar stranger outside her family’s pharmacy. Passion soon erupts between them. James is an incredible lover, and a kind and understanding man. Still Teanna cannot stop the niggling suspicion that he’s hiding something from her.
With Teanna, James has found his soul mate and the life he’s always wanted. But will Teanna still love him when she discovers their relationship is built on lies?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00