The Gathering

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The Gathering

Tales of the Rikashi, Book Two

Gem Tunuviel's father is threatening to destroy the entire Rikashi, dragon shape shifters, race and she is determined not to be used as his pawn.  When she finally escapes she begins searching for the faces that she has been seeing in her dreams, ten other Rikashi that she has never seen before and two shadowy figures that never come clear.  She finds Shirak Gwindor, one of the ten faces and a Rikashi that her father held prisoner and tortured.  Shirak is also following the dreams, finally gathering together all but the two shadow figures and fighting against his attraction to Gem the whole time.  Gem must find the strength within herself to become all that she can be even as danger draws ever near and forces beyond all of them put an ancient magic into play.

The Gathering is the sequel to Antonia Tiranth's first book, The Quickening.  The books are definitely dependant on each other and should be read in order for full enjoyment.  Ms. Tiranth definitely has a unique story arc going here and the characters are great.  I love the fact that Shirak is willing to give up everything for Gem and that her friends never judge her based on her father.  It is a sweet story with a couple very hot love scenes and one sad scene that made me cry.  The end is a true cliffhanger and I can't wait for November when the third installment will be released.

Book Blurb for The Gathering

Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Length: Novel
Can Gem and Shirak find their way through madness and sorrow to forge a new peace?
Gem Tunuviel thought her father's insane quest was at an end. She was wrong. He is resolved on destruction. Driven to escape him, she seeks the faces in her visions: other Rikashi, dragon shape-shifters like herself.
Shirak Gwindor, haunted by nightmares of half-remembered tortures, is also following a vision. He struggles to keep his attraction for Gem buried under his rigid sense of duty.
As a force draws the Rikashi together, can Gem find acceptance with others of her own kind, or must she keep her true self hidden?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00