Swept Off Her Feet

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Swept Off Her Feet

Two hundred years of war have finally ended between Rb'Qarm and Rb'nTraq, and Rb'Qarm won...or did they?  Rb'nTraq's last act of war, the release of a biological weapon causing irreparable damage to the reproductive cycles of all fem, may just have signed the death sentence for both planets.  Chyya GlenDevtorvas, ruler of both worlds, must find some way to give his people some kind of hope, but after twenty years their worst fears have been realized, even the youngest girls have been affected by the plague.  All looked lost until one of the historians stumbled across a mention of a group that had been exiled long before the war even started.  If the colonists had survived and thrived then maybe there were fem to be found.

Glennora Brewster always knew she was different but she discovered just how different when her long-lost Father showed up to claim her.  A refugee from Mars, where her father rules the lost colony of Rb'Qarm, Nnora was orphaned in a shuttle crash on Earth and adopted by the Brewsters.  Now GlenDevtorvas has arrived, intent on claiming Nnora as his bride, can two people who are both stubborn and bossy learn to compromise with each other?

This is a re-release (through a different publisher) of Swept off Her Feet by Camille Anthony.  Adding more than 20 pages of new material, along with a general tightening up of the original plot, we are given much more information on the back-story.  I must admit that when I first read the original version of this story I had to guess at some of the background information because it was very vague. But like all great author, Ms. Anthony has met the test of time by honing her craft.  I found this version much more understandable and easier to follow and I truly enjoyed the interaction of the characters.  As in all Ms. Anthony's books the sex scenes are smokin' hot and plentiful.  I am hoping that the series will be continuing soon as I'd really love to see some kind of cure for the women of both planets.

Book Blurb for Swept Off Her Feet

Full-figured Heroine Futuristic Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Novel Plus
Two worlds collide when a warrior prince meets a reluctant princess.
Glendevtorvas has never faced a challenge like the one Glennora offers him. He advances...she retreats, yet each time, he leaves more of his heart in her possession. He can only hope the same is true with her, because he may have swept her off her feet, but she's swept the game board of all other players. If he can't have her, he'll have no one. His hopes lie in the searing heat that flares between the two of them whenever they come together.
Both these two stubborn rulers will have to give up control long enough to give in to love.
Publisher's Note: This book is a re-edited, revised version of one previously sold by another publisher, and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50