Carol Lynne's latest release, Reunion, rejoins her Men in Love series eleven years after the end of Tortured Souls. 
Thirty years ago Gabe's mother left him sitting on a bench outside a pharmacy in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   For more than ten years the team has been searching for Gabe's mother to find out why.  Now Jake has gotten a phone call from a woman claiming to be Gabe's sister and the team is gearing up to do what they do best; get answers and protect their own.  And boy is it necessary when the team finds out that the family Gabe came from runs the Chicago Mob and his mother was murdered shortly after she left him.   But why and by who are the next questions. With his friend, family and beloved men by his side Gabe will search for the answers, but nothing is quite how it seems and new relationships are forming even as old ones are being renewed.  With hidden danger around every corner can the team keep the people they love safe during this strange reunion?

I adored the entire Men in Love series.  With men who are strong, but not afraid to show their softer sides and women who kick butt and take names, what wasn't to love?  Reunion is a great epilogue to the series, wrapping up the question of Gabe's past and giving a small glimpse into Carol Lynne's new series Bodyguards in Love.  The sex was almost an after thought in this book, but wasn't missed because the plot was so riveting.  We got to see all our favorite characters and meet some wonderful new ones.  I'm completely looking forward to her first book in the Bodyguard series, Brier's Bargain which I believe is due out in the fall.

Book Blurb for Reunion

Contemporary/ Gay/ Ménage à Trois & Multiple Partners
Your favourite families from the Men in Love series are back.

For over ten years, Gabe Whitlock's ex-SEAL buddies have searched for the woman who abandoned him as a small child. When Jake Sommers receives a phone call from a woman claiming to be Gabe's long-lost sister, he calls the team together once more.

As the past unfolds, and mysteries are uncovered, the gang converges on the Triple Spur to rally around their friend.

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series released with another publisher.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75