Red Heat

When Chase Maynord lost the love of his life he dedicated himself to helping STORM protect Talents from the IRDC, even going so far as using her name, Jillian Miller, as a code word for agents who need help at his hotel. When a woman checks in calling herself Jillian Miller, he discovers that his love is not as dead as he thought. But the questions keep cropping up-where has she been? Why didn’t she contact him? How did she survive the accident? Who was it that was identified as her? Chase and Jillian need to find the answers before their enemies catch up with them.
Lynne Connelly writes a powerful story, the emotion just flows off the page. I almost felt the heroine’s confusion and fear at times. I truly enjoyed Chase as he is a great character, and I’m looking forward to reading stories for several of the others.  Red Heat has lots of sexy scenes and great dialogue throughout; a truly enjoyable read.
This book is a sequel to Red Alert and as such should be read in order to fully appreciate some of the character and background references.

Book Blurb for Red Heat

Of all the hotels in New York, she had to walk into his.
After Chase’s beloved Jillian dies in a car wreck, he uses her name as a code for the STORM agents who use his luxury hotel. When a woman registers as Jillian Miller, he assumes it is business as usual. But it’s not. The woman he believed dead has come back.
Jillian’s mission for the IRDC, enemy to all Talents, shouldn’t include wild days and steamy nights but Chase’s hot, powerful body drives her crazy. Torn between her mission and her craving for Chase, Jillian doesn’t know which side she’s on anymore.
To save both their lives, Chase must restore the gaps in Jillian’s memory. He uses their shared past, including her passion for public sex, to bring her back to him. If she doesn’t remember soon, she’ll die. And he won’t let her die alone.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00