Primal Encounter

Book 3 in the Primal Attraction series.

Dari Reshal wakes up in a cell and she can't even remember being taken from the market place where she was trading with some of the males from her pack. She knows she should be concerned. Not about being rescued, she's sure that her pack will find her, but about how she was taken and where she is. But concern is the last thing she feels when she is placed in another cell with a group of Zarain males, one of whom is her mate. Rygar is shocked that a shifter female was taken and even more shocked when she turned out to be his mate. After his brother rescues them he is determined to do everything he can to keep her safe, even if it drives her nuts. But trouble is stalking his pack and it could cost them both everything.

This is book three in Rebecca Airies Primal series. I love this series. I was a little concerned that the book seemed to wander away from Dari and Rygar onto other things, but after a while it became obvious that it wasn't wandering so much as setting up for a major story arc. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story arc leads.

Book Blurb for Primal Encounter

Dari’s a bit surprised, though not scared, when she wakes up in a cell. But finding her mate among the men held in that prison stuns her. She wants to touch and kiss the man, even as his arrogance infuriates her.
When he discovers Dari’s his mate, Rygar can’t get enough of her luscious body and his thoughts never stray far from ways to bring them both pleasure. But after escaping from prison, trouble follows them as they return to Rygar’s home…trouble that could cost Dari her life.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00