Maxwell's Fall

Mandy has a plan to prove her father innocent of the embezzlement charges that ruined his life and her friend Jackson has agreed to help her. Except Jackson is acting really weird, instead of being his normal mild mannered self he's become uber Alpha overnight. And she really seems to have a problem keeping his hands off her, not that she's objecting too strongly, she's finding that being a submissive can be fun.

Max came to Alaska to spend time with his twin brother, only when he gets there Jax is nowhere to be found and his house has been ransacked. Max hears a message from Mandy and assumes that Jax will be at the meeting she mentions. When Mandy mistakes him for his brother, Max decides to play along and try to figure out what Jax got himself into, but find himself getting into even deeper trouble.  He's sleeping with the woman who announced that she's engaged to Jax. He still has to come clean about who he really is and his wolf is showing an extremely unusual attraction to Jax best guy friend, Gideon. Not to mention the guys who are willing to kill to keep Mandy from uncovering their secrets.

I love Tielle St. Clare's stories.  She has such a way of drawing out the suspense and keeping you right on the edge.  Her characters are awesome as always; Strong, sassy heroines and bold, dominant hero’s.  I'm really looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out.

Book Blurb for Maxwell's Fall

Book Length: Plus Novel
Never threaten a werewolf’s mate…it just pisses him off.
Mandy wants to prove her father’s innocence and her friend Jackson has agreed to help. Only he’s acting strange. In one day he’s gone from “mild-mannered accountant” to “bad-boy sex god” and she can’t keep her hands off him. Now every secret submissive fantasy she’s ever had seems possible, even necessary. It’s very distracting.
Max came to Alaska to check on his twin…but Jackson’s missing. When a cute little blonde mistakes him for his brother, he goes along with the charade. Mandy isn’t Max’s type. He likes bold and bitchy, not curvy and innocent. But he’ll soon discover innocence hides some wicked tendencies.
Now he’s gotten himself into a real mess. He’s sleeping with a woman who thinks he’s his brother, his werewolf has developed a strange attraction for Jax’s very best, very male friend and bad guys are after Mandy. This can’t end well.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00