Lust & Vamp

Anything Goes Series, Book Two

The Crew from Anything Goes is back! When Temp and his fellow demons try to save a bunch of captives from the group of Halfers that took them to feed on Temp gets more than he bargained for. He didn't expect to find the pretty little man in that warehouse or for the little guy to be a vampire, let alone for him to bite Temp over his heart causing them to be mated.

Reid was completely out of it after being tortured and drained by the halfer. He needed to drink and unintentionally mated Temp. Now they have to make things work since Reid can't drink from anyone else. With all of the trauma and drama can these two find common ground or will this mating be the end of both of them.

Lust and Vamp is the sequel to Lust and Fae by Joyee Flynn. It continues from where the guys are rescuing the captives and takes up Temps story with brief cameos in both Mick's and Cal and Gabe's. I really enjoyed this book because of the sensitivity that is seen in how Temp handles Reid and how the guys stand up for each other. I hope that Mick's story is coming soon and I'm looking forward to the rest of the guys.

Book Blurb for Lust & Vamp

5 Flames
Page Count: 161

When Temp and the other demons from the Anything Goes Club go to rescue the captives from the Halfers, evil minions of hell, he discovers a small, gorgeous man that instantly captivates him. When he lifts the smaller man in his arms, everything feels... perfect, and Temp will do anything to protect Reid.

But Reid is a survivor, barely hanging on after being horribly abused and drained of blood. When the large demon unknowingly offers him more than he bargained for, Reid takes the opportunity to drink life giving blood back into his body, too far gone to know he is binding them together for all eternity.

Temp is shocked when he discovers his offer to give Reid whatever he needs created a mating bond to the alluring vampire. Is it something they can both live with after all they've been through? Or did they just ruin each other's eternity? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50