Jolly Rogered

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Jolly Rogered

The USA of the future is a scary place, locked behind a "wall" with personal freedom almost completely gone and "Big Brother" watching everyone, everywhere.  It has become a crime punishable by imprisonment  to be gay.  When Roger Ellison is nearly caught breaking the law by engaging in questionable activities in a Virtual Reality game, he goes on the run.  His first stop, The Villa, is a sex resort catering to the wealthy of the world who can afford to indulge in their fetishes.  The owner of The Villa, Nigel Fortesque makes no apologies for himself or his business and believes that regrets are for the foolish.  Nigel has always been drawn to innocence and Roger's shines so brightly that he just can't resist.  Roger knows that he can't linger at the resort, no matter how much he want to stay with Nigel.  When Roger finds that he's also been accused of stealing Millions of Dollars from the company that he worked for, he knows that it's time to move on if only to protect the man he's come to love, but strange things are happening at The Villa and Roger finds himself on the wrong end of a betrayal that could cost him everything.

This is the first story that I've read by Xandra Gregory and it definitely screams that a sequel is in the offing.  I loved Nigel, he is so absolutely matter of fact about who he is and what he values that you can't help but adore him, especially as he unleashes his sense of humor on Roger and coaxes him out of his shell.  I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes in its sequel.

Book Blurb for Jolly Rogered

Contemporary/Molten Silver/Near Future

On the run from a social crime punishable by imprisonment, Roger Ellison practically washes up on the shores of Isla Algunavez, a small, uncharted Caribbean island whose history is steeped in piracy and whose modernity is The Villa, a sex resort catering to the wealthy, fantastic, and fabulous, headed up by the most notorious sex pirate of the bunch, Nigel Fortescue, who lives life with neither apology nor regret.

Roger's innocence intrigues Nigel long enough to get into his pants, and Roger's relationship with Nigel opens not only his pants, but his mind as well. But for Roger, the Villa can only ever be a brief stopover on his journey, and when Roger's past catches up with him, threatening to attract the attention of the US government, he must choose to leave the man who awakened him, and leave with apologies that can never be enough, and regrets that will always be too much.

Contains: M/M sexual practices, multiple partners, oral and anal play, and a pirate-themed floor show.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50