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Rafe Wilson had been in love with Charlie for years, but never really knew his lover.  It wasn't until Charlie's funeral that he even found out that Charlie had been married and had a grown son, Stewart.  When Stewart brings Rafe a letter from Charlie will they find enough to bring them together?  And will it be enough to last?

Heartsong is heart-wrenching read.  I felt so sad for Rafe and Stewart that  I wanted to cry, but the person I felt sorriest for was Charlie.  He knew what he was missing, but couldn't force himself to correct things with either of them until it was too late.  I truly ended up hoping that there is an afterlife and that Charlie found love and peace.  I loved the fact that Rafe was brave enough to take a chance with Stewart and the final scene had me misty eyed.  All in all Heartsong was a spectacular read.

Book Blurb for Heartsong

Flame Rating: 2 Flames

Pages: 28

Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Gay Romance

Finding love in loss.

Rafe lost his love, but did he really have it to begin with? He finds out more than he bargained for after the death of his ex-lover. Will he ever find the love he is looking for?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00