Finding Home

Andy ran away a long time ago, from her mother, her sister and the town that she never fit into.  Now her father is ill and she's come home to help, but only on her own terms.  Over the years that she's been away, Andy developed a "Take me as I am, or leave" frame of mind, and she doesn't care whether or not she fits in.  She's there for her father, the only man who has never abandoned her.  But things aren't quite the way she remembers and she finds herself discovering common ground with her mother and sister. Plus she's found a man who wants her just the way she is. Then an old flame shows up after a year of silence and her world is thrown off balance again.  With so many things changing quickly, will Andy be lost or is she Finding Home?

I loved this story, Lacey Thorn is awesome and this is her newest in a long line of great releases.  Finding Home made me laugh and cry and sigh. The characters are real, and I can identify with Andy, especially well. I loved that she insisted on being accepted as she is.   I am absolutely sure that there will be sequels to this book and I can't wait.

Book Blurb for Finding Home

Sometimes home isn't a place...but a person...or in Andy's case...people.

Andy had been running for a long time. From her mother, her sister, her ex-fiancee, from life it seemed. But when an emergency calls her home she finds more than she bargained for.

With a clearer vision she sees that things aren't like she remembers. Just maybe she can finally be a part of the family she always felt different from. And in the process learn that love can often come with more than one man at a time. And that maybe a ménage can last a lifetime.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.75