Feather Possessed

Raptors Revealed, Book Two

Heath Halk has always run his parliament with honor. Every person from every nest is his concern, but it isn't until his sister Lena flies off with her mate that he truly looks at Lena's best friend, Shelly Preston.  Shelly comes from the worst nest in the parliament, but she flies with honor… Always.  Now Heath has to convince Shelly that his intentions are honorable and long-term.

Shelly doesn't fly with just any male, and she refuses to ruffle her feathers at anyone.  When Heath starts flying after her, Shelly is confused and wary, after all he can have any woman the he wants.  Time and familiarity teach them that they want each other, now they need to figure out if flying together is what they want forever.

Lorie O'Clare's Feather Possessed is the second book in her Raptors Revealed series.  This series is a follow up to her Leopard series and takes up the story after Leo Pard's death.  You really need to read all of the books in order to understand the events that happen in this one.  As always Ms. O'Clare's characters are strong and enthralling.  The story is great, but leaves you waiting for the next part with a slight feeling of incompletion.  I'll definitely be watching for the next one.


Book Blurb for Feather Possessed

Heath Halk runs his parliament of owls honorably. Every nest in Banff is his concern and he takes his job very seriously. He’s never given thought to finding a mate until Shelly Preston walks in, blindsiding him.

Shelly holds her head high in spite of how the parliament views her parents. Shelly’s nest is trash. Everyone knows it. Most think she’s trash too. But Shelly won’t fly without honor despite the passion lying deep within her. She won’t shake her tail feathers for just any male. Anyone who knows her and flies by her side understands this about her.

When Heath flies after Shelly, she doesn’t understand what the most desirable male in Banff would want with her. Heath could have any female, yet he continues coming after her. As their lust smolders into stronger emotions, Shelly and Heath need to learn if flying together for the rest of their lives is possible. If they mate it will mean bringing the best nest and the worst nest in Banff together, forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00