Feather Down

Raptors Revealed, Book One

As a new branch on her tree of shifters, the newest release form Lorie O'Clare, Feather Down joins again with Dover Downs an owl shifter.  Dover is asked to visit with Kane and Jin Masters in Banff to try and figure out why there is suddenly so much hostility between the leopards, lunewolves and owls. While trying to find answers Dover finds Lana Halk, a female owl shifter, and starts to pursue her.  What will Dover do when it begins to look as if her brothers are behind the problems in town and will Lana stand beside Dover or her nest?

A past master of the 180-degree plot twists; Ms. O'Clare has outdone herself in this one.  First it looks like Dover is in love with Darla, a leopard shifter; then it looks like Lana's brothers will never accept Dover; then they trick him into "declaring" himself; then it seems like the owls are the bad guys; etc, etc. etc.  There were so many twists and turns in this story that by the end I didn't know which way it was heading until the last paragraph.  For a while I felt like a ping-pong ball (a feeling that I'm sure Lana could identify with), but it was well worth it.  An exciting and compelling read, I couldn't stop until the very last word. The characters are strong and interesting and drive the story.  Darla was the only truly discordant that I found, but I'm hoping that she'll end up with her own story soon.

Book Blurb for Feather Down

Dover Down fixes things. Regardless of the species, Dover will fly into any problem and set matters straight. When he arrives in Banff to learn why species are suddenly ready to attack each other, he might be the one who needs to be set straight. Especially when he falls too hard for Lana Halk. There’s one problem—Lana’s nest might very well be the reason all the species are fighting.

Lana is positive about one thing. Any male who flies by her side will treat her as an equal. There is no way she will ever sit at a nest and have her kill ready for a male who shows up when he wants to get his tail feathers wet. But when Dover shows her how erotic lovemaking can be, he also steals her heart. If he’s in town to destroy her nest, she won’t be able to live with herself. Unfortunately, Lana also knows there is no way she can live without Dover.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00