Comfort Object

Comfort series Book 1

Nell Ashton was out of work, out of her apartment and out of options thanks to the underhanded manipulations of Jeremy Gray.  Jeremy wants her as his submissive and he's willing to do whatever necessary to get what he wants.  Nell just wants him to leave her alone, but when he makes her an offer too good to refuse; an all expense paid education from the school of her choice; she agrees to his terms.  But things get complicated fast because Nell is unlike any of Jeremy's previous submissives.  Can they find their way through the emotional minefield that has become their relationship or will outside forces tear them apart?

This is the first book that I've read by Annabel Joseph and I found it to be both well written and entertaining.  The characters were solid, even if I found Jeremy a tad too manipulative for my taste and Nell was more of a carpet than I prefer even in my submissive heroines.  But the story line was very good, I enjoyed the jaunts from one country to the next and the ménage was very well written.  All in all it was a good solid story and great as an introduction to Ms. Joseph and her writing style.

Book Blurb for Comfort Object

Nell, an out-of-work professional submissive, is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works. He says he needs a personal assistant, but the work contract he shows her details not organizational duties, but sexual ones. Jobless and homeless, Nell agrees to work for him anyway, on the promise that he will pay for her to finish her college degree when her stint as his “assistant” is complete.

The start of their formal Dom/sub relationship is rocky, but they soon fall into a mutually satisfying, highly sexual routine. They play vanilla boyfriend and girlfriend in public, while Jeremy uses Nell as his kinky comfort object behind the scenes. Then a stalker threatens their secret lifestyle, and their contract may not be strong enough to hold them together.

This novel contains sensual content: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM themes and content including spanking, bondage, exhibitionism, ménage (m/f/m), group sex.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.75