Come As You Are

Ghost Seekers, Book 3

Tempest Gandy has bet everything on being able to transform the house she just bought in New Orleans' French Quarter into a successful B&B.  What she hadn't counted on was there being someone else living in the house, or I should say something else.  When she starts suffering fatigue due to her nightly disturbances she decides to contact an old friend to see if the New Orleans' Ghost Seekers can determine if her house is haunted.  Franco LeBeau, mind reader and restaurateur, is hosting the meeting in his Bar and is thrilled when he reads Tempest's mind and discovers that their attraction is mutual.  But Tempest's story worries him because what she is describing isn't ghostly behavior it is an Incubus.  The Ghost Seekers are willing to help and Franco is determined to protect Tempest, even moving her and her cats into his house after the Incubus attacks her.  Can Tempest, Franco and the rest of the Ghost Seekers defeat a powerful demon or will he own Tempest body and soul?

Wow I’m glad that I didn't read this right before bed.  This story was great, spooky and entrancing.  I loved the interaction between Franco and Tempest, it was so much more than just him protecting her or them having sex, you could almost feel the emotions rising from the page.  I also enjoyed seeing the other Ghost Seekers again and I'm hoping that this is not the end of the series.  Come As You Are is a wonderful read and more than worth the time and effort to read the whole series.

Book Blurb for Come As You Are

Tempest Gandy needs a change. After leaving her job as a television news producer, she purchased a house in the French Quarter and is now working to turn it into a B&B. Unfortunately, she's not sleeping well at night and she's pretty sure something paranormal is going on in her house. When her fatigue starts to interfere with her work during the day, she contacts her friend Quinn, who works with the New Orleans Ghost Seekers.

Franco LeBeau can read minds. When the Ghost Seekers meet at his French Quarter establishment to discuss a new case, he meets Tempest and is thrilled to discover that her thoughts match his own: instant attraction. But after hearing Tempest's story, his attraction instantly turns to worry. He knows it's not a ghost disturbing Tempest's sleep, but an incubus.

The Seekers agree to help Tempest battle the sex demon, and Franco offers to act as a bodyguard during the night. Of course, Tempest hopes Franco will do more with her body than guard it. Only one thing stands in their way: a demon that may be too powerful to kill, and who wants Tempest for himself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.75