Cattle Valley: Bent, Not Broken

Book thirteen in the Cattle Valley Series - best read in sequence as part of a series

After the tragedy that rocked the Cattle Valley Rodeo, the town of Cattle Valley, Wyoming is slowly starting to recover. George Manning, Cattle Valley's Fire Chief, has finally realized how much Carol McGowan means to him, and he's determined to prove it to her and everyone else. When Carol wakes in the hospital George vows to stay by her side, swearing that his 19 year relationship with Country superstar Trick Allen is over, but Carol is wary, she's been burned before. Now Trick wants both Carol and George, but he must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice to have them.

I laughed and cried while I read this book. I've read the entire Cattle Valley series and this is the first of these books by Ms. Lynne to have a woman as one of the main characters, although Jenna Byrnes has written two about female characters. The introduction of a heroine brings an interesting dynamic to the book, after all men and women think and react very differently. I loved Carol, she's a great character and I love that we got to see her softer side, George is every woman's dream; kind, sensitive and caring; and Trick is wonderful in that when he realizes how wrong he's been he owns up to it and puts everything on the line for the whole world to see. Ms. Lynne is always great about making the various installments flow into each other, even giving us glimpses of what is coming in the next few books. This is definitely a title that needs to be read in order as part of this series, but it’s worth the time to read them all.

Book Blurb for Cattle Valley: Bent, Not Broken

Contemporary/ Gay/ Ménage à Trois MMF
Book thirteen in the Cattle Valley Series

After the tragedy at Cattle Valley Days, Carol McGowan woke in the hospital to find George Manning hovering over her. George confessed he’d fallen in love with her, but Carol is skeptical. She knows George is bi-sexual and has been in an ongoing secret affair for years. She’s been down that road before and ended up on the wrong side of lonely. Carol learned from her previous relationship and isn’t in any hurry to jump back into another ménage.

George Manning has spent the last nineteen years hiding his love for his closeted friend and country music legend, Trick Allen. After almost losing Carol, George decides to grab hold of the love in front of him, instead of the dream he’s always chased.

Trick Allen spent years building his career. With the reputation of being a typical love ’em and leave ’em superstar, Trick hid his love for George from the rest of the world. When presented with the choice of losing George forever, or stepping out of the glittered closet he’d become accustomed to, he is faced with the ultimate decision. Is a real life worth risking his career?

Three people, with very strong personalities, try to blend love and home amidst a national outcry of vehemence.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00