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Middlemarch Mates, Book Eight.

Cat Nap by Shelley Munro is Book Eight in the Middlemarch Mates series. Life for Ambar and Rohan Patel changed drastically with the death of their controlling parents. They've cancelled the marriage broker that their parents had hired, Rohan is getting ready to tell his sister that he is Gay and they have decided to sell the family business and move to Middlemarch, a Shifter Friendly town filled with people who accept each others differences and choices. Days before their moving date they rescue a fellow shifter from a human hospital. Their new friend only remembers his first name, Kiran, and strange flashes of memory that scare him more than they help. Stolen kisses and furtive embraces lead Rohan and Kiran to the knowledge that they are Truemates, meant for each other, but when Kiran's past tracks him down can their relationship survive the revelation of what he was or will it end in tragedy?

I have read all of the Middlemarch Mates books for two reasons, first it's a series and I hate not finishing a series once I start, and Second, but even more important, is that the entire series is just so well written that I can't help but read them when I see them released. Each book is written so that you can read them as part of the group or as stand alones and not be confused as to who the characters are. I particularly loved this one for two reasons: It tugged at my sense of humor and it made me cry at the end. I hated that one of my favorite characters was injured, but I loved that Kiran finally stands up for himself and believes that he deserves to be loved.  Want to know who and how etc? Read the book. CatNap is beautifully written, as always from Ms. Munro, I can't wait for Ambar's story.

Book Blurb for CatNap

Book Length: Novel
Kiran is a tiger shifter without a past. Plucked from a hospital by Rohan and Ambar Patel, he has no recollection of arriving in Auckland. Nothing is familiar, but he’s sure of one thing. Rohan Patel is an attractive man. He fires Kiran with longing. A stolen kiss and Kiran knows exactly what he wants.
Rohan’s desire for the stranger steals his breath and pushes forward his plans to tell his sister he prefers males. Hurried embraces lead to an understanding, their growing relationship exhilarating. The urgent hunger between them is palpable, guaranteed to make any tiger purr with pleasure.
But weird flashes of memory hint at Kiran’s terrible past. The truth might blow apart his blossoming romance with Rohan and hurt his new Middlemarch friends. A dilemma—push Rohan away or hold him close and place his lover in danger. It’s a difficult choice, then it’s too late. Danger stalks through Middlemarch, and they must fight for their love and their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00