Bought and Paid For

AKM Miles' newest release, Bought and Paid For, starts off with a bang when Dr. Parker Easton finds out that he's been volunteered for a bachelor auction! A mysterious letter, sent to the auction committee, guarantees the Dr. Easton will bring in at least $10,000 if he's auctioned; so the committee signed him up.  Now Parker finds out that the letter is from his ex-lover, Deacon Wagoner, who wants another chance with Parker.  Deacon is willing to do whatever it takes, pay whatever it takes, to get a chance to explain the past to Parker; the only man he's ever loved.  Will Parker listen or are the memories too painful for him to get past?
This is the first book that I've read by Ms. Miles, although it is far from the first that she has published.  Bought and Paid For has two potentially difficult topics to deal with, perceived cheating and forgiveness.  Can true love get past what appears to be a betrayal or will that pain linger in the back of the mind?  I like how she dealt with the issues surrounding the "cheating", Deacon was protecting the man he loves, but I'm not sure how realistic the reconciliation was.  Thankfully this is fiction so realism gets to take a vacation in order for us to get the Happily Ever After ending that we want.  As a quick feel good read, this book has all that a reader could want. I'll definitely be looking for some of Ms. Miles' other books.

Book Blurb for Bought and Paid For

Contemporary/ Gay
Short Story
Wait until Dr. Parker Easton finds out it's his former lover, Deacon, who has "bought" him for a date at the bachelor auction in which he was forced to take part.

Dr. Parker Easton has used his work as an oncologist to try and forget the pain of losing his lover, Deacon Wagoner. Parker had thought they'd be together forever, and he would never understand how Deacon could have cheated on him. It had been two years and Parker was still too hurt to even think of seeing anyone else.

Now he was forced to participate in a fundraiser for the new hospital wing, a ridiculous bachelor auction. He'd planned on donating only, but now found he had to strut out there and try to raise money for the cause.

Stunned, barely covered the way he felt when he found out it was Deacon who had arranged to pay an exorbitant amount for the date. What the hell?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00