According to Atlantean Society merman twins Jaden and Chrys are cursed. They are shunned by everyone, even their own family; everyone except Prince Aurus. Chrys falls in love with Aurus and when Aurus falls in love with him to a rift begins to form between Jaden and Chrys. Jaden is secretly in love with his brother, but knows that nothing can ever come of it and when Aurus and Chrys are separated he must comfort his brother.

When Jaden and Chrys discover a plan to harm them, fostered by the King and their own father, they run away, hiding with a band of criminals on the edge of the forbidden zone. Soon their path cross with Aurus's again and with a strange force that seems to be lurking Jaden away from his brother. When Jaden disappears, captured by the powerful beast that lured him to the forbidden depths, Chrys and Aurus must decide whether to chase after him together, apart or let him go. Will they lose everything including their lives or discover the truth about themselves courtesy of Vaar, dragon of the deep?

Mermen, and Curses, and Dragon Oh Boy!!! I love Scarlet Hyacinth's books. She has a way of making even the strangest things seem entirely possible. Her world building is without a doubt among the best I've read and her characters are always realistically flawed and wonderfully human (even when they're mermen and dragons.) This is a great escape book, perfect for reading just for the fun of it. I'm not usually fond of multiple books about the same characters all the time, but I'd love to see these four again and again.

Book Blurb for Awakenings

Mermen twins Jaden and Chrys have been scorned all their lives by Atlantean society. The only one who cares about them is Prince Aurus. But when Aurus and Chrys fall in love, they leave Jaden an outsider. Secretly, Jaden wants his twin, but he keeps his sinful affection well hidden. After they are separated from Aurus, he is the only one who can comfort Chrys, even if only in a brotherly manner.

When the Atlantean king concocts a plan to hurt them, Jaden and Chrys run away, and their paths cross with Aurus's again. This time, though, a strange force interferes in their lives. A dark, powerful beast that lives in the depths of the ocean calls out to Jaden, luring him toward its lair. With Jaden in danger of disappearing forever, Chrys and Aurus are faced with a choice, a realization, and a decision. Will mysterious Vaar finally help the three mermen see the truth, or will he end their very existences?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50