Shield's Submissive

I enjoyed this book for several reasons - it was well written, the spark between the hero and heroine was great and the sex was hot. But mostly, I enjoyed reading a well-thought out, emotionally charged BDSM story. The balance between sex, submission and love between the characters was perfect. I especially liked how well the author explained the BDSM lifestyle. While this isn't my first BDSM story, it might be another reader's first story and the misconceptions about the lifestyle can be overwhelming.

I'm looking forward to more from Trina Lane!

Book Blurb for Shield's Submissive

A hot office affair becomes an eternity of dominating love.

Mark Shields and Erica Cross have been colleagues at Aspen Advertising for several years. Unbeknownst to each other they've each been harbouring fantasies of sweat slick flesh and feverish sex. One night the upsurge of their desires peaks and they plummet into a heated affair. Each quickly comes to realize that there is more to their relationship than physical gratification. But can they trust the other with their innermost selves? Can Mark admit that he is ultimately yearning for a loving dominant relationship with his perfect submissive? Can Erica confess she fantasizes about relinquishing control?

As Mark slowly initiates Erica into the world of dominance and submission they find that what started out as a hot office affair has amalgamated into a fulfilling and loving union.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of bondage and submission, use of toys, anal play and brief m/m interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00