Wynter's Bite

Scandals With Bite Book 5

“Wynter's Bride” is the 5th novel in the Scandals with Bite series by Brooklyn Ann. Like the previous novel this book is set in historical England and features Ann's world of vampires. I love reading about the world she has built with its mixture of ton rules during the historical period and the connected vampire stories. Each book is well researched and centers on a main theme, usually around unique women fighting the mainstream of their time. The history and love story between her two main characters was a very enjoyable read. I really enjoyed how Ann developed her characters and showed their growth over the years. A lot had changed in the circumstances for both of them between the first chapter and the last and that was well reflected in the story.

Justus de Wynter fell in love with a mortal and made the mistake of revealing his true nature to her. Though Bethany Mead, the woman he loved, accepted him for who he was regardless of what he was Justus had broken a cardinal rule and revealed vampire society to a mortal. Justus was exiled before he could marry Bethany. Bethany not knowing what became of Justus was committed to an insane asylum due to her insistence that vampires were real. Now years later Justus has reappeared to save her, just when her dire circumstances are about to become more desperate. She jumps at the chance to escape, and though she still has feelings for him, it's not going to be easy to pick up where they left off. To make things more difficult they are going to have to travel across rival vampire Lord lands to find a place of refuge. They will have the journey to survive and hopefully to figure out whether to not they are meant to be together forever.

Book Blurb for Wynter's Bite

Eight years ago, vampire Justus de Wynter fell in love with bluestocking, Bethany Mead, and suffered the consequences. He was sentenced to exile as a rogue vampire, and she was imprisoned in a mental institution.

After years of searching, and dodging patrolling vampires, Justus has finally found his love. But even after he breaks Bethany out of the asylum, the challenges that face them have only begun. For Justus is still a rogue, with no territory to grant them safety, and Bethany is a fugitive.

As they flee across the English countryside in search of refuge, Bethany and Justus must overcome the challenges of their past and find out if love is possible on the run.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50