Wake a Sleeping Tiger

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Wake a Sleeping Tiger

A Novel of the Breeds, #31

Lora Leigh's Breeds are back, and in this installment we get to explore the relationship between Judd, a Bengal Breed, and Chelsea Martinez. It's been a while since fans have been treated to a new breed book, and all I can say is it was worth the wait. Lora Leigh has always had her own powerful brand of romance and with this book she cements a return to her trademark sensual, very heated stories. Although this isn't Cassie's book, fans have been waiting on her book to release for years, we do get glimpses of Cassie and many of the cast of characters. Leigh is cranking up the heat and the anticipation for the next book in the series while doing justice to Judd and Chelsea's story. Well written and well worth the read, this book is a pleasure to read from start to finish.

Judd is a man with many, many secrets. Even those closest to him don't really know the full story. Now he's mated to Chelsea Martinez, a woman that drives him completely nuts. He wants to guard and protect her, but the woman just will not cooperate, he's going to have to learn to compromise or he's going to lose his true mate forever. Chelsea is going to need all the help she can get to deal with her stubborn man and find a way to make peace with him and the changing world around them.

Book Blurb for Wake a Sleeping Tiger

When readers of dark romance and unbridled desire want to be satisfied, they turn to #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and her “powerful and highly erotic” (Fresh Fiction) Breed novels. Now a Breed hides in the world of man—until a woman arouses the amused and wildly carnal animal within...

Once, he was Judd—Bengal Breed and brother to the notorious fugitive Gideon.

After Gideon disappeared, Judd was experimented on until his tortured body knew nothing but agony.

Now he is Cullen Maverick, serving as the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency in the small community of Window Rock, Arizona. Despite his genetics, Cullen is able to pass as human because his Bengal traits are recessed. He lacks the ability to smell the emotions, bonds and fears that other Breeds take for granted. And he remains tormented that he wasn’t able to mate the woman he loved—at the cost of her life.

He’s no longer a Breed, merely a man. . . or so he thinks. But his tiger is about to be awakened by the one woman destined to be his—Chelsea Martinez. And their world will never be the same...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00