The Trouble with Highlanders

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The Trouble with Highlanders

The Highlander Series, #5

Mary Wine once again takes readers on a journey through the rich tapestry of historical Scotland. This time she brings us the story of Daphne Macleod and Norris Sutherland. Both characters were ones that I didn't particularly care for at the beginning of the book but as time went on they grew on me. Daphne is a strong woman who eventually becomes a more lovable woman through her eventual love for Sutherland. The historical settings enriches the story and the intrigues woven throughout the book.

Daphne is a woman born in the wrong time, she isn't afraid to take her future in her own hands and has been driven to do desperate actions in order to secure her own wants and desires. Norris Sutherland once was Daphne's savior and the two formed a close bond even sharing passion with each other outside of marriage. However, Daphne walked away from him and told herself she didn't love him and wanted nothing further from Norris. Now though, Daphne has realized the mistake she made and with her clan in the worst trouble possible she knows that Norris is her only chance to save herself. First she has to get him to forgive her, and as the two meet up again they soon realize that forgiveness is the least of it. There's another intrigue afoot here and if they don't tread carefully they might not live long enough for Norris to forgive her.

Book Blurb for The Trouble with Highlanders

She Has Hardly Any Choices Left...

With her clan on the wrong side of the struggle for the Scottish throne, heiress Daphne Macleod, once the toad of the court, is out of options...

And They're All Dangerous...

Norris Sutherland once helped Daphne, but she walked away from him without a backward glance. Now she's in deep trouble and needs him more than ever. But he may be lost forever...unless she can somehow convince him to forgive her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 3.50