The Hob

The Gray Court, #4

Dana Marie Bell brings us the long awaited, extremely long awaited, next installment of The Gray Court series The Hob. Hang on to your hats folks, Robin Goodfellow has finally met his match and it’s going to be a hot ride. Robin has been a featured secondary character in the previous three books in the series, and I recommend reading those books prior to this one because the backstory is important to really enjoying The Hob. Bell is in top form as she weaves an intricate plot and a sensually explosive romance between Robin and his chosen Michaela Exton. This book had me laughing, gasping, and sighing with contentment through the very end. Dana Marie Bell has delivered pure comedic genius.

Robin Goodfellow has been ordered to go undercover in order to rescue the nephew of the White Court Fae Queen from the Black Court Fae Queen and her henchmen. Robin ends up going undercover as “Ringo” at the annual Fairy convention and ends up fighting the biggest distraction of his long, long life – Michaela Exton. Michaela has always had a fascination for Robin Goodfellow so much so that she has dreamed about him nightly since childhood and her co-workers tease her about it. Of course she knows that Robin Goodfellow isn’t real, but meeting Ringo is starting to make her think that she might have met the one man that could possibly surpass her ideal of Robin Goodfellow. However, there is more going on than just a kidnapped prince and as things heat up Robin and Michaela uncover secrets about the Fae courts and Robin’s past that will rock the foundations of all their lives.

Book Blurb for The Hob

Robin Goodfellow has met his match.

When the Black Queen kidnaps one of the White Queen’s nephews, Robin Goodfellow is sent to ensure that the young prince safely returns to the bosom of his family. True to his role as Oberon’s Hobgoblin, he is ready for anything…except meeting his truebond, the very delicious, very human Michaela Exton.

Michaela has dreamed about a flame-haired rogue named Robin Goodfellow since she was a little girl, but everyone knows Puck doesn’t really exist. In real life, it’s a dark-eyed man named Ringo who makes her heart beat faster.

She is closer to her dream man than she thinks, and nobody knows it better than Robin, who wears the guise of Ringo. But there’s competition for her love in the form of Lord Raven, who holds a secret that will rock the foundation of Robin’s world. As a Black Court delegate does the unthinkable, leaving an enraged, grief-stricken Robin hanging onto his humanity by a thread, only Michaela has the power to bring him back from the killing edge—if she survives.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, Robin Goodfellow and… Really. Do I need to say any more?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00