The Boarding House

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The Boarding House

This book is mind bending. However, I feel that it needs to be said that this is not a romance. This is more in line of a testimony of young girl's survival and covers the very difficult subject of child molestation. The reader is given a lens into the life of Ellie Wayne from a very young age through to her adulthood. Sala has given Ellie, and others who have suffered in silence like her, a strong voice and hope of healing.

Sala's author voice is very strong in all of her books, and even more so in this one, as we listen to Ellie's tale we are drawn into her world. We focus on the characters and shifts in circumstances as Ellie struggles to survive, to find a way to move forward and ultimately as twist after twist is revealed we find ourselves hoping that Ellie can find a way out of the horror of her past. This book is both thought provoking and believable. It is also laden with some surprising twists. After reading Ellie's struggle, I don't think I will ever forget this book. The author has created a tale that is compassionate, confrontational and heart-wrenching.

One item that I found so hard to comprehend is that many people around Ellie, for years, knew something was "different" with her, but no one spoke up. No one asked questions or called in an anonymous tip. The reason I found this hard to understand is that this happens every day in the real world. Children go without help, with no hope of help, because the people that should look out for them are afraid of indifferent. This book is a call to arms for all of us to not overlook the innocent. To fight for those that can't fight for themselves.

Book Blurb for The Boarding House

Ellie Wayne doesn’t just live. She survives. New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala brings emotional intensity to an unforgettable story of survival, empowerment and raw courage.

Ellie Wayne has grown up in frightening circumstances, damaged by a sexually abusive father and mentally fragile mother. Scarred and still threatened by a father she hates and fears, Ellie believes her future holds nothing more than danger, shame and secrets . . . until the unspeakable happens, and Ellie is forced to choose. She can claim her life or continue to hide in the shadows.

One amazing man might be the miracle worker who can help Ellie see that she has the power to move on with her life, to hope for something more. If she can trust him.Readers will cheer for this amazing woman as she struggles to leave victimhood behind.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00