Texas Pride

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Texas Pride

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Texas Pride is the story of Carla Reece and Ivan Nikolai. Greenwood transports readers to 1870s San Antonio, Texas where Carla and her brother Dan Reece own a ranch. In a stellar bad move, Dan loses have of his ranch to a villain named Laveau. Laveau then makes a deal with Ivan Nikolai to work Laveau's half of the ranch as a foreman for one year, if he does so then Ivan can take over the ownership.

Laveau isn't a stranger to Ivan and he knows he probably has an angle but owning the ranch would give Ivan an asset to sell in order to raise money for a trip back to Poland to reclaim his princely birthright. However, Ivan doesn't realize what he is going to be taking on when Carla Reece meets him at the door and starts accusing him of nefarious deeds.

From the moment the two meet sparks start to fly. Ivan's somewhat disjointed English and his misunderstanding of local colloquialisms make his character all the more endearing. Carla for her part is a feisty heroine, and though attracted to Ivan from the first she is suspicious of his motives and thinks he might be too good to be true. Watching these two fall for each other and fight to overcome the odds is an enjoyable read. Greenwood has created a story filled with action, adventure, and a wily, larger than life, villain who ends up bringing two opposites together who turn out to be just perfect for each other.

Book Blurb for Texas Pride


Carla Reece had never met anyone more infuriating in her life. The blond giant who swaggered up to her door had no right to take over half her ranch - no matter how stupid her brother had been gambling it away in a high-stakes poker game. Her new foreman claimed to be some foreign royalty who promised to leave in a year. Still, a year was way too long to spend with a man who made her madder than a wet hen and weak in the knees all at the same time.


Ivan may have charmed everyone in town into thinking he was the perfect gentleman, but Carla knew better. There had to be a chink in his armor-a red-hot passion under that calm, cool gaze. But once she finds it, she may be in for more than she ever bargained for...

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00