Swept Aside

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Swept Aside

Reading a Sharon Sala novel is like listening to a Chopin sonata. Like Chopin’s music, Sharon Sala explores the full range of emotion in her books. Readers know that in her books there will be mystery, romance, and ultimately redemption. Her latest work is no exception.

Her heroine Amalie Pope is recovering from a near death experience and now is faced with dealing with four escaped prisoners. One of those prisoners is our hero, Nick Aroyo an undercover DEA agent. Of course, Amalie doesn’t know this and must decide how far to trust the only person standing between her and certain death.

Swept Aside is a fast paced suspense novel that takes a close look at the many difficulties survivor’s face in moving forward with their lives and how love can overcome some of these obstacles. The character development is insightful and mesmerizing. The growing relationship between Amalie and Nick will fascinate readers as they learn what will become of this small group of people in the wake of the Bordelaise tornado. Sharon Sala fans will be pleased with the final installment of the Bayou Storm Front trilogy.

Book Blurb for Swept Aside

Shell-shocked after a nightmarish school shooting, Amalie Pope retreats to an aging plantation house near Bordelaise, Louisiana, to heal, physically and emotionally. She's there barely an hour when a tornado rips through bayou country, mercifully leaving the house intact. She's stranded, but unafraid - until a knock on the door.
Four escaped prisoners barge inside, and in an instant Amalie is a hostage again. These men are wounded, desperate and dangerous - with one exception. Undercover DEA operative Nick Aroyo is on the run with the gang he's infiltrated. The only thing he wants more than this collar is to protect fragile, frightened Amalie, who has surrendered herself to his care, body, soul...and heart. But he'll have to play the thug in order to keep her - and his secret - safe, because even though the storm has passed,  the danger remains....

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25