Selena's Men

Ravens of War, #1

Selena’s Men is a debut story from new author Elle Boon. The story is a new take on Greek Mythology and introduces a group of immortal warriors called the Ravens of War. Max and Malcolm King are both part of this elite group, comprised of twelve men, created by Zeus and have been tasked with finding the lost daughter of Zeus. Ms. Boon had done a wonderful job of world building for the story and introducing the characters. Her story line is well thought out and keeps the readers engaged. It is a hot and sexy read from beginning to end.

Max and Malcolm King have been searching for the missing goddess, Zeus’s daughter, for eons with no success. Living on earth for centuries in the hopes of finding their fated mate both are about to give up on love as well. Now, time is running out and just when they think that all is lost they find their soul mate. However, before they can be united for eternity with their true fated mate they must somehow find a way to battle the god Cronus and save Zeus and his daughter from Cronus’s revenge.

Book Blurb for Selena's Men

Max and Malcolm King had been part of an Elite group of twelve men created by Zeus, called the Ravens of War. When they were no longer needed they were sent to Earth in hopes they’d find happiness. After hundreds of years, they‘d given up hope of finding their Fated, until they met Selena Ramos.

But the Gods aren’t done with them. Zeus needs them to find his lost daughter and time is running out for all of them. As the three lovers are consumed with passion, they find themselves thrust in a fight for their lives.

Cronus the dethroned King of the Gods has found the missing Goddess and plans to use her as the ultimate weapon for revenge. He’ll use her to regain the throne on Mount Olympus, killing his son Zeus at the same time. Max and Malcolm are willing to do anything, even share Selena, but they will die before they give her up.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00