Saving Jake

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Saving Jake

Blessings, Georgia, #3

I'm always excited to see a new Blessings, Georgia book is coming out. This little town full of southern hospitality is one of my special reads. I can't wait to see what all of the side characters are up to and read about the hero and heroine's journey to happily ever after. Sala's latest excerpt focuses on a war widow, Laurel Payne, though her husband committed suicide after he returned from the war. She's been ostracized by his family, and is raising her small daughter on her own. Jacob Lorde is returning to Blessings after the war, suffering with Post Traumatic Syndrome he's trying to come to terms with life after the war. Though clearly much different from her husband, Jacob's struggle reminds her of the past and the way Sala examines the possible outcomes from someone living through the horrors of war and the human condition allows the reader to step into the shoes of those that struggle to move beyond the past horror. As always the book is well written and Sala's author voice shines through every page. Fans of the series will enjoy this peek into the town of Blessings and the many colorful characters that reside there.

Jacob Lorde is coming home after eight long years in the marines. Unfortunately he's coming home to an empty house, his father recently passed away and Jacob is trying to come to terms with the emotional trauma left by the war. He nearly lost his life on the other side of the world and if not for the determination of his friends he wouldn't have made it home. Now he's got to find a way to move on, and though the next door neighbor is attractive and her daughter adorable he's not ready to take it further than waving hello as she's drives past. But the powers that be have something else in mind, and soon Jacob and Laurel are fighting a losing battle agains the attraction and need that both of them feel for each other.

Book Blurb for Saving Jake

Love heals in New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala's newest contemporary romance

There is always hope

After eight years in the Marines, Jacob Lorde returns to Blessings, Georgia, with no plans other than to hole up in his empty house and heal what's left of his soul. But with a charming next door neighbor and a town full of friendly people, keeping to himself is easier said than done.

As long as you can come home

Laurel Payne understands far too well what Jake is going through, after witnessing her late husband experience similar problems. She's in no hurry to jump into another relationship with a complicated guy, but their attraction is undeniable-and perhaps exactly what both of them need.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00