Playing for Keeps

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Playing for Keeps

A Cricket Creek Novel

LuAnn McLane's Playing for Keeps follows the story of Noah Falcon, an ex-pitcher turned soap opera star, and his return to his hometown Cricket Creek, Kentucky.  Noah is the town hero and has arrived just in time to save the down from utter ruin.  With the economy and tourism both down, Cricket Creek like many towns needs a boost to help them make ends meet. Noah arrives to take the lead role in the community theater's summer play.  Playing opposite, Olivia Lawson, and although she's not the girl he left behind she and Noah do share a past. Olivia at first things that Noah is just fooling around, and will be a terrible choice to play opposite her, but the more they interact the more she realizes that this grown-up Noah has a lot more going on than what he shows on the surface.

Playing for Keeps is a witty, fun read filled with a lot of side characters and passion. The featured secondary romance beautifully enhances the romance between the Olivia and Noah.  Readers will enjoy the interaction between the lead characters and the town characters. Readers new to LuAnn McLane will find themselves searching for some of her past reads after reading this fun, heartwarming tale.

Book Blurb for Playing for Keeps

Olivia Lawson is peeved when ex-ace pitcher turned soap opera star Noah Falcon roars back into Cricket Creek, Kentucky, after all these years, to take the lead opposite her in the community theater's summer play. Noah's beloved hometown is having major financial woes and needs his status to turn this small-town play into a big-time hit. But Noah has bigger plans for this small town. And this time he's determined to show Olivia he's not just playing around-he's playing for keeps.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00