Pieces of Me

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Pieces of Me

"Pieces of Me" is the story of Shadow Harper and her struggle in recovering from an abusive and manipulative ex-husband. Much of the book focuses on Shadow’s coping mechanisms and dreams of the future. Walker does a great job of describing a realistic struggle with post-traumatic stress and in many cases you feel the character's frustration with being unable to move past panic attacks and coping mechanisms. The story is well written and clearly heartfelt by the author.

The Story: During her recovery Shadow becomes fascinated by the mysterious Dillian Jenkins, he appears to be the exact opposite of her ex-husband but how does a woman really know what lies beneath the surface without risking everything. As the two become entwined in each others lives it becomes clear that something more is going on with Dillian’s past and it may be something very difficult for Shadow to face and deal with. When her ex-husband enters the picture again Shadow is going to have to fight against betrayal and her past experiences in order to gain a hold on her own future.

Book Blurb for Pieces of Me

Obsession can be deadly…

Nobody knows that better than Shadow Harper. It seemed like a dream come true when a rich, suave older man noticed her during her second year of college. Stefan Stockman seemed to love her obsessively. He came into her life and swept her off her feet, seduced her, married her…and then slowly, eventually, that dream come true became a living nightmare.br>

Now, three years after she finally escaped him, she’s trying to put her life back together. Haunted by memories, struggling with post-traumatic stress, she spends most of her time locked away in her home on Pawley’s Island, a small town on the South Carolina coast. Her rare moments of joy come from her trips to the nearby beach.

She compulsively checks the locks on her doors, makes sure she has her cell phones—five of them—and if she misses something on her schedule, it throws her into a panic.

When she accidentally leaves a sketchbook on the beach, an anxiety attack seems imminent. Her art has become her salvation, her sanity, and losing even one sketch is like losing a piece of her soul. When she returns to hunt for the sketchbook, already fearing it’s gone for good, she’s surprised to find it still sitting there, saved by a sexy fellow beach lover—the mysterious Dillian Jenkins.

He’s brash, bold, brutally handsome…and gentle. He’s the exact opposite of the man who’d tormented her for years, and Shadow finds herself slowly, almost reluctantly, falling for him. Even obsessing over him.

When her ex-husband once again intrudes on the happiness she’s finally discovering, Shadow turns to Dillian. But will she find shelter there…or another betrayal?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 3.50