Personal Research

Elena Thomas is a modern day wall flower with a big secret. She writes "spicy romance" and fantasizes about the office IT guy Nunzio. He's a hot guy who stumbles across her secret life. Nunzio, has been attracted to her for a while and now knowing her secret he's even more determined to get closer to Elena. Personal Research is a quick, spicy read that will inspire a smile from the first page to the last. Elena and Nunzio are a passionate couple, and though it's a quick read, they do have some issues they need to deal with before they can find their happy ever after.

Cari Quinn has done a wonderful job of creating a passionate tale with both spice and deeper emotion. Readers looking for a quick, spicy read will not find themselves disappointed.

Book Blurb for Personal Research

Briefs are Elena Thomas’s life, whether they’re legal at her day job or on the men in the erotic novels she writes. She’s just fine with saving her imagination for her books until temptation appears in the form of Nunzio, the smokin’-hot office IT guy. When he discovers one of her scorching books shooting out of the printer, Elena’s not sure if he wants her because she’s inventive or because he thinks she’s desperate. That doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of his “services”.

On her desk. On the copier. And, oh yeah—in her boss’s chair.

Nunzio’s shocked to learn Elena’s wall-hugging persona hides a wildcat of a woman with delicious fantasies and an enticing wit. She’s exactly what he’s been looking for in an adventurous lover—and girlfriend. He knows she enjoys their sexual research. Now he just has to convince her that sizzling sex is only the first chapter of their blazing-hot romance.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50