Kidnapped by a Rogue

The Douglas Legacy, 3

"Kidnapped by a Rogue" is the latest book in the Douglas Legacy Series. Set in 1524 the story is intertwined with the real history surrounding James V King of Scotland and the political intrigues that almost always surrounded the Tudor royal courts. Well researched and thoroughly engaging the story of Margaret Douglas and Finn Sinclair Gordon is a very interesting read. Ms. Mallory has delivered an intelligent, thought provoking, and interesting story set in historical Scotland. One of the things that made it so enjoyable for me was the fact that Lady Margaret Douglas, the heroine, is based on the real Lady Margaret Douglas. When it comes to history often the fate of the women has faded into the abyss and I like the idea of imagining a happy ending for Margaret.

Margaret Douglas’s survival rests on the whims of fate and her faithless husband. Her brothers are so deep in intrigue and in trying to take the crown of Scotland they will use Margaret in any way possible to gain a foothold on the throne. Margaret’s health, mentally and physically, have no weight in their plans and the longer she stays with at court the more she realizes if she’s going to survive Margaret is going to have to take charge of her own fate. A brave act for any woman in the 1500s.

Finn Sinclair Gordon has been tasked with kidnapping Margaret to prove his loyalty to the clan and as much as he doesn’t want to do so he also knows that his life and more is at stake. Fate has something else in mind for both of them. Drawn to her from the first, Finn and Margaret must come to terms with their complex feelings for one another while trying to save everyone from a clan war. It’s a difficult task, and with the political climate so delicately balanced it is going to take everything they have to come through the ordeal alive.

Book Blurb for Kidnapped by a Rogue


The Douglas sisters, beauties all, are used as pawns in their family’s bitter struggle to control the Scottish Crown. But when a Douglas lass is in danger, she’ll find she’s been left to face it alone.


After her brother’s dramatic fall from power and banishment for treason, Lady Margaret’s husband threw her out to save himself. Now her ambitious brother is back in Scotland with the support of Henry VIII—and a plan to again marry off his beautiful, compliant sister to forge an alliance. But Margaret refuses to ever wed again, and she’s desperate to escape.

Thanks to his roguish charm and skill with a sword, Finn Sinclair Gordon has managed to survive the treacherous waters between his parents' rival clans—until now. To prove his loyalty, Finn must accept the unsavory task of taking the Douglas chieftain’s sister hostage. Oddly, the lass doesn’t offer much resistance.

Though Margaret knows better than to trust the devilishly handsome Highland warrior who unwittingly provides her escape, she struggles to fight the unexpected passion that ignites between them. Finn, who likes women for a laugh and a night of pleasure, is blindsided by his fierce desire for this steady lass with a kind heart. They’ll risk their lives to save each other and prevent a bloody clan war—but will they risk their wounded hearts for love?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00