Guardian's Mate

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Guardian's Mate

A Shifter's Unbound Novel, #9

Jennifer Ashley returns with another beautiful story in her shifter series. "Guardian's Mate" is the latest in the series and bring back a favorite character from her previous book, Zander Moncrieff. Ashley's series is imaginative and features unique storylines that put an different spin on the normal shapeshifter books. Her latest work is sure to be a hit with fans, and she does her characters justice in both delving into their reasons for acting the way that they do and developing the characters into full blown heroes and heroines. This stop in the shifter world was entertaining and at moments had me laughing out loud. Zander is such a fun character that I didn't want to the book to end because I just wanted to spend a few more minutes with the crazy polar bear shifter. Though part of a series and can be read alone I'd recommend reading the earlier books to really get the full effect of the series and in particular Zander Moncrieff who is clearly a polar bear shifter living on the edge of sanity.

Wolf shifter Rae Lyall is the first woman to ever be chosen as a Guardian in the shifter's traditional guardian ceremony. Her entire clan thinks it's a mistake and Rae herself isn't so sure she was not chosen in error. Her foster father quickly moves to find someone who can take care of her and train her for the heavy responsibility to be the Guardian of their clan. Little does Rae realize she's about the meet the craziest, crankiest, zaniest polar bear shifter in the world and begin a journey neither of them expected to take. Teaming up with Zander though just might be the best thing that ever happened to her...if it doesn't kill her. If she could just get him to cooperate with her they might just have something amazing coming their way.

Book Blurb for Guardian's Mate

The New York Times bestselling author of White Tiger returns as primal desire draws two lone shifters into each other’s arms...

She wasn’t ready to lead...

Chosen as the Guardian of her Montana Shiftertown, wolf Shifter Rae Lyall is facing opposition—for no woman has ever been selected for this powerful position. Still adjusting to the new authority thrust upon her, Rae travels to train with Zander Moncrieff, a Shifter healer, tasked with teaching her about her new role and its responsibilities.

He wasn’t ready to love...

A polar bear Shifter, Zander wears no Collar and follows no rules but his own. Rae finds him arrogant and demanding, yet compelling and intriguing. Zander has no wish to mate but the sassy Guardian is drawing him out of his shell, stirring feelings long suppressed. And when a new threat looms over Rae’s home, she and Zander must race to the rescue, forced closer to danger...and to each other.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 3.50