Feel the Burn

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Feel the Burn

Dragonkin, #8

Feel the Burn picks up where Light My Fire left off. Now it’s Elina’s sister Kachka in the forefront of the Dragonkin series and finally, finally we get Gaius Domitus’ story. A story that many fans of the series have been longing for since he was first introduced in G. A. Aiken’s Dragonkin world. He’s tough, smart, snarky, gentle, handsome, and loves his sister. He’s proven he would do anything to assure her safety, and the safety of his people even if that means fighting against his own family. Kachka and Gaius together is a perfect match. Both value loyalty and both have somehow become part of the larger family that Annwyl the Mad Queen has gathered around her over the years. I really enjoyed reading about these two characters. Having been an avid reader of all of the books since the first installment I have really enjoyed witnessing Aiken's continued creativity and ingenuity in building her Dragonkin world. Each book is better and more complex than the last and always leaves me satisfied but wanting more. Aiken successfully weaves a delicate balance of action, romance, and wit.

Kachka has never quite resolved herself to becoming a spoiled, decadent barbarian of Queen Annwyl’s court, she certainly isn’t quiet about her predicament, and now that her sister is settled with her mate it’s time for her to figure out the next step in her life. Luckily, Annwyl has just the job for her. She sends her to investigate the recent cult activity at the temples around the realm and it’s on this journey that she ends up saving Gaius from the cult. This is only the latest move by the cult though and it becomes clear that Kachka has a new calling, and now the task of defeating the maniacal cult falls to her. It will take both the skills of Gaius and Kachka together to ensure that all of their loved ones survive the coming onslaught.

Book Blurb for Feel the Burn

War makes strange bedfellows.

I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law and order here in my lands. But I never expected to have to consort with a barbarian human woman.

Kachka is beautiful, if you like them fierce—and of course I do. But she keeps complaining about how spoiled and decadent I am, and how a feared Daughter of the Steppes has no time for foolish dragons. I think she likes my eye patch, though. It is quite dashing. With death always at our tails, we take our passion like we take our allies. As they say, love the barbarian you’re with…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50