Fangs for the Memories

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Fangs for the Memories

I happened upon Molly Harper’s books this past summer. After reading one of her Jane Jameson spin offs I quickly bought the rest of her books and devoured them all. Two of my favorite characters are Andrea and Dick Cheney, the vampire not the former vice president, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to travel back a few books and find out how these two got together. It was fun to read the history of these two characters both as individuals and their evolution into a couple. Fans of Harper’s books will be pleased with this novella that features some of their favorite characters. It’s well worth a read and if this happens to be the first book you pick up in the series it will hopefully convince you to pick up the rest of the series. The Dick Cheney t-shirts alone might be worth picking up the whole series, he has quite the collection of tawdry t-shirt logos.

Andrea has sworn off men and vampires, her last serious relationship turned out to be a toxic relationship and she’s wary about trusting men or vampire men now. Though Dick Cheney is somewhat irresistible she’s sure she can resist him. But when circumstances force them to reveal their inner selves to each other they both realize there is much more to the person before them than they originally thought. When faced with a near undeath experience, Andrea soon finds that Dick Cheney might be the only person on earth that she can truly trust.

Book Blurb for Fangs for the Memories

“Molly Harper writes characters you can’t help but fall in love with” (RT Book Reviews), but how did Andrea and Dick Cheney fall in love? Join Half-Moon Hollow’s favorite couple for a trip down memory lane—to a time when Mr. Wainwright was newly dead, Jane Jameson was a newbie vampire, and a budding paranormal romance was not yet uncorked…

Half-Moon Hollow’s supernatural social event of the season—Zeb’s Titanic-themed werewolf wedding—is coming up, and Dick Cheney (not that Dick Cheney!) needs a date. But Andrea’s had enough of clever, handsome, and rakish to last a lifetime, and Dick Cheney is certainly not the sort of man you bring home to mom (not that Andrea’s deadist parents are speaking to her ever since she dropped out of college and became a blood surrogate). Shameless, relentless, roguish, with a Stetson-worthy swagger, a naughty sparkle in his eyes, and a constant smirk—oh, and fangs—no, Dick is the last person (er…vampire) Andrea wants to date.

But the infuriatingly irresistible man who lives quietly on the edge of a criminal underworld knows exactly what he wants, and once he surprises Andrea with a thrilling hot and dirty kiss behind the paranormal bookshop, she knows what she wants too: Dick. All it takes to ignite their unconventional courtship is a near-undeath experience that confronts Dick with a choice between turning Andrea, losing her forever, or tapping into his countless shady resources in this hilarious and heartwarming enovella that revisits the early days of Molly Harper’s Nice Girls series—one that “makes me laugh and laugh” (USA TODAY).

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00