Deadly Is the Kiss

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Deadly Is the Kiss

Of all the Primal Instincts books, this one is my favorite and I think possibly the most emotional. Ashe Granger and Juliana Sabin are both secondary characters from the earlier books in the series and the main characters of Deadly Is the Kiss. Both characters have a mysterious past and were drawn to each other from their first meeting. Both hid it well, and in fact Juliana believes that Ashe’s only feelings for her are intense dislike. But as her families enemies gear up to try to wipe out her whole family, Juliana has nowhere else to turn but to Ashe and hope that he will help her discover a way to save her family.

Thrown together by a mysterious benefactor, Ashe and Juliana race against dwindling time to uncover the killer trying to destroy Juliana and her family. Juliana must confront her painful past in order to find a way to foil the nefarious plot. As the two delve into the dark secrets of the past, Ashe must find a way to not only bridge desires but to come to terms with Juliana’s past and accept that she just might be the only one for him.

Bryd’s Primal Instinct series is filled with love, lust, loyalty, betrayal, sensuality and heady romance. Readers will find themselves reaching for a Kleenex and fanning themselves all at the same time as they devour this page turner. Fans will love the latest release in the Primal Instinct series and clamoring for more.

Book Blurb for Deadly Is the Kiss


Tasked with protecting humanity from harm, the last thing Ashe Granger was searching for on his mission was his destined mate. Then, a mysterious darkeyed beauty reluctantly offered him shelter. A spark of danger—and a soul-deep recognition—ignited a burning, carnal need…

Since her family’s exile, Juliana Sabin had borne full responsibility for their safety. So when evil struck, she

had no choice but to ally herself with the sexy guardian vampire. Now, months later, Ashe is back and tempting

Juliana to reveal her darkest secrets…and desires. For the killer stalking the shadows isn’t acting alone—and

he won’t rest until his deadly cravings are fulfilled.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50