Carol's Mate

True Mates Series

Carol's Mate is the latest edition to Zena Wynn's True Mates Series. However, this story is more of a prequel to the first book and tells the story of Mark and Carol Johnson's relationship. The story is beautifully crafted around a Christmas celebration with both Mark and Carol remembering their first meeting and the events that followed. Carol and Mark each take a part in the retelling of how they were mated.& The story is surprisingly poignant and fans of the series will be surprised by the rocky road that Carol and Mark travel before finally finding happiness.

Although a quick read, the story is well-written and the characters well developed. The story of a college romance, that is built on a solid and enduring foundation will tantalize readers with its eroticism and sincere emotion. New readers will enjoy the introduction to the True mates series and like Wynn's current fans will clamor for the next installment. This tale of shape-shifter love will be sure to delight Wynn's readers.

Book Blurb for Carol's Mate

Life happens when you least expect it...

Carol Scott has everything planned. She'll finish her studies, do her internship, and return to Refuge to help run the medical center being built by her pack, The Ravens. When the time is right, she'll choose a male of her pack to mate with, push out a few pups, and life will continue--nice, neat, and orderly, just the way she likes it.

Then she meets Mark Johnson--sexy, handsome...human. Forbidden. A man who won't take no for an answer. He stirs her senses and even has her wolf sitting up and paying attention. What's a girl to do? Obey the rules or follow her heart and damn the consequences?

Then the choice is taken out of her hands.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00