Seattle Steelheads Football

Jami Davenport launches her Seattle Steelheads football team series with a Touchdown! Blindsided is a fast paced, sensual romance that follows the exploits of the a struggling quarterback, Tanner Wolfe, and Emma Maxwell who has been suppressing her dream to follow in the footsteps of her rock star parents for years. Both characters are at a crossroads in their lives and possible career paths and Davenport does a wonderful job of exploring both the inner desires of the characters and growing them both as singular characters and as a couple. I very much enjoyed reading Blindsided and can’t wait to see what she has up next in this new series.

Emma Maxwell is about to be caught up in the biggest lie Tanner Wolfe has ever told. To make it worse she has been secretly in love with Tanner since college. When fate, and Tanner’s lie, throws them together and he asks her to join him in a marriage of convenience she can’t resist. As things heat up between them, Emma’s other life long dream of becoming a singer is about to come true. The only problem is the job offer is going to take her to Nashville, far away from Seattle. Can Tanner convince her to take a chance on them and a career in Seattle or will their relationship take a back seat to rock star dreams?

Book Blurb for Blindsided

USA Today Bestselling author Jami Davenport introduces the Seattle Steelheads football team with this sixth book in her Game On in Seattle sports romance series.

The daughter of one-time rock legends, Emma Maxwell is the good girl of the family, the dutiful sister, the doting aunt, and a dedicated employee in the family party crashing business. Every Wednesday night at Karaoke, she indulges in her secret fantasy of being a singer. Yet the thrill of being on stage doesn't rival the thrill of a spontaneous liaison with the delectable, yet downtrodden, quarterback of the Seattle Steelheads, Tanner Wolfe, Emma's long-time crush.

Tanner didn't see it coming--not any of it. He was blindsided--by his dysfunctional family, his plummeting career, and the one thing he least expected--by love. After photos with Emma go viral, Tanner is caught in a lie and tells a bigger one to get out of it. Now he's shoulder-pads deep in a temporary marriage while struggling to resurrect his disastrous career and reunite his broken family. As time passes, Tanner begins to wonder if temporary is good enough, but he's made a promise to Emma, one which has nothing to do with marriage vows and everything to do with her Nashville singing career and the end of their relationship.

Will Tanner and Emma take the ball and drive for the win, or will they be permanently relegated to the sidelines as the clock runs out on their temporary marriage?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00