Black Surrender

Black Jag, Book Three

Lorie O’Clare’s Black Surrender continues to build on the story line of the jaguar shifter Black Jag Series. Rafe VicMoran is attracted to Anne Hunter, but he’s not a forever kind of jaguar. After escaping Colony and becoming part of the Guardia clan, in Costa Rica, both Rafe and Anne are focused on helping to preserves the laws and prophecies of the ancient jaguars. Hunted by their enemies from Colony, Rafe strives to protect both his littermates and Anne from retribution. The more Rafe interacts with Anne the more he begins to realize that he wants to take her as his mate. However, her only surviving male littermate may not be supportive of the idea.

This book is longer than the first two installments but is still a quick read. I would not recommend reading this book as a standalone because the stories continue to build on one another. Ms. O’Clare continues to weave a fascinating tale of jaguar shifters and their fight for survival. With betrayal and intrigues around every corner, this story is by far the most fascinating of the Black Jag Series so far. Readers will enjoy the steamy romance between Anne and Rafe, both characters are likeable and will defined and the story line both interesting and charming. 

Book Blurb for Black Surrender

The wildcat of the VicMoran litter, Rafe isn’t too convinced the newly discovered laws are for the best. Especially when they would prevent him from chasing down Anna Hunter. He’s had a taste of her and now he wants the entire meal.

Anna knows better than to let any of the other jaguars know her true feelings about the documents all jaguars are honor-bound to follow. She’s not into suppression. No one is going to put a leash on her or demand she behave a certain way simply because some ancient jaguar prophesied the laws be followed in order for survival. Anna knows how to survive. And she knows what she wants—whom she wants.

One night of incredible sex changes Rafe’s and Anna’s lives forever. Now the documents that put a thorn in her claw need to be saved from jaguars out for profit. Rafe and Anna have no problem fighting to save all jaguars. But they’ll be damned if they’re going to quit enjoying what they both know is right.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00